Science communication

Sharing science is one of my greatest passions and, wherever possible, I seize opportunities to engage with other audiences.

A sample of my writing is listed below:

Physics World

Physics World provides news and commentary for a scientific audience. Here, I write about the latest research in environment and energy for a global network of physicists and interdisciplinary scientists. I also provide editorial feedback for other contributing researchers.

Nature Education

Nature Education’s blog network, Scitable, provides easy to digest content for both university and high school students. Together with my co-bloggers, I produced educational posts on a variety of marine science topics for our blog, Saltwater Science.


GeoLog is the official blog of the European Geosciences Union (EGU). I have authored and edited a plethora of earth science posts for the blog, most recently news articles on research presented at the EGU General Assembly.

The ConversationEarth Touch News Network

The Conversation publishes news articles for a wide audience and Earth Touch News Network is a platform for stories about the natural world. I have written guest articles on marine ecology and conservation for both sites.