I am a marine ecologist, driven by a desire to understand human impacts on the marine environment and how we might mitigate them to produce the best outcomes for society and the environment. I am particularly passionate about science communication, education and policy, and bring these into my work wherever possible.

Science communication

Writing is my greatest passion, but by no means my only one. As well as writing science news for a range of platforms, I have assisted in the organisation of several UK science festivals, including Bristol Festival of Nature and Cambridge Science Festival. Alongside my work, I have delivered a variety of public engagement activities through British Science Association Cornwall.


Little beats the joy of seeing someone experience scientific discovery. My most recent teaching experience has seen me lead an undergraduate field course, give guest lectures at the University of Exeter and support undergraduate practical classes in the field and in the lab. I have also delivered conservation and ecology workshops at schools in London and the southwest.


My first foray into science policy was as a Polly Fellow in the Welsh Government, working to understand the implications of Brexit for coastal communities and the marine environment. Since then, I have gone on to manage a range of policy projects at Mindfully Wired Communications – including the All Party Parliamentary Group on Fisheries. The Group is a open forum for debate around fisheries management, science, policy and economics.