I am driven by a desire to understand human impacts on the marine environment and how we might mitigate them. Currently, my focus is on how climate change could alter predator-prey relationships — and what this means for intertidal ecosystems.

Common shore crabClimate change

How does ocean warming and acidification affect anti-predator defences? Transport crabs into conditions that resemble a future ocean, and we can understand how they will respond — and whether they might adapt — to climate change.

European lobsterConservation

Can we use sensory ecology in conservation? Together with the National Lobster Hatchery, I am exploring how changes to the way lobsters are reared in captivity might help enhance survival in the wild.

Chameleon prawnPredation ecology

How does camouflage affect fitness? By conducting behavioural experiments with predatory fish and chameleon prawn prey, we can quantify how camouflage affects survival — and what this means for fitness in different microhabitats.